Ready to join Club SAKE, or renew your annual membership? Just use the link below to fill out your waiver and pay online.

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If you must pay by check, please complete the waiver at the link above, select payment by check, and mail your check (payable to Club SAKE), to:

Seattle SAKE Paddling Club
140 Lakeside Ave. Ste. A #96
Seattle, WA 98122


  • The general dues rate is $130.00 per year, but for 2021, dues have been reduced to $65 in consideration of the pandemic’s impact on our community.
  • Club membership fees are neither refundable nor transferable
  • Dues cover the calendar year from January 1st December 31st.
  • The minimum age for a member is 13 years old and requires the consent of a parent or legal guardian.
  • A liability waiver and Code of Conduct must be signed every year.  Members under the age of 18 need a parent or legal guardians consent.

Discounts are available based on the following rules:

Students who are 18 years of age or younger pay $25.00 per year.  A parent or legal guardian must fill out and sign the liability waiver every year.

College students (with valid school ID) under the age of 25, Seniors over 60, and TSNW members pay $90.00 for the year.

If you are a member of another regional paddling club, and would like to join SAKE as your secondary club, the reduced dues are $65 per year.

New members who join after July 1 can pay a reduced dues rate of $70 for membership through the end of the year.

New members who join after October 1st can pay next years dues and begin paddling immediately.  (Effectively getting up to three months free.)