Seattle SAKE Paddling Club offers members aged 40 and older an opportunity to join Washington Masters (WAM), a competitive Club team that also includes paddlers affiliated with several other dragon boat clubs from the region.

WAM formed in 2012 from a core group of Masters-aged paddlers (paddlers 40 years and older) who shared a common desire to challenge themselves to train and race at a highly competitive level.  Over 40 members strong, they joined Club SAKE in 2014. 

In 2015, their team of women over 50 became the first Women’s and Masters team to represent Washington State on a world stage.  They competed in Adelaide, Australia in April 2016 at the Club Crew World Championships (CCWC).  This is extraordinary, because in four years:

  • Paddlers achieved a strong team blend, despite maintaining active memberships in their local core teams.
  • Paddlers mastered a wide variety of water conditions including calm lakes, the tides and currents of Puget Sound, and the busy and windy waters of Lake Washington.
  • Paddlers cross-train with free weights, an erg (rowing machine) and high intensity sprint training — and they are accountable for regular and strenuous workouts, both on and off the water, working hard to accomplish the common team goals.