Pandemic Protocols for Single-Person Craft

These are the conditions under which single-use craft (eg: stand up paddle board, kayak, OC1) “group paddles” will be conducted at Club Sake at Leschi Marina during COVID with government & county restrictions in place. “Group paddle” is an event which is coordinated by the club or between members (at least 2 members). “Group lessons” will use a different set of guidelines. The protocol for group lesson is very similar to group paddle, however there are more details regarding how lessons will be conducted.

Below are the items that the club will provide in advance:
1. Guidelines (this webpage)
2. Sterilized PFDs
3. Access to Team Cowboy, docks, and equipment.

Main points for members to keep in mind:
1. Wear a double-layer cloth mask at all times. Exception – on water.
2. Maintain 6ft distance from other members at all times
3. Follow all applicable SAKE Rules.

The protocols for single-person craft are as follows:

  • Pre-Check
    • Members Only
    • RSVP on Team Cowboy, required
      • Attendance will be tracked
    • Conduct self health check
      • All participants will do a self-health assessment check prior to arriving at the marina, and are required to stay home when not feeling well.
    • Bring personal dry bag for personal items
    • Bring Mask
    • Bring Hand Sanitizer
    • Personal PFD highly suggested, or one can be borrowed long-term from SAKE
  • Parking
    • Leave personal items in car
      • Personal items may not be stored in lockers
    • Place personal items needed on water in a personal dry bag
      • Recommend personal dry bag for keys and other personal items
    • Put mask on
    • Gather near top of stairs
    • Maintain 6 feet of physical distance
    • Take attendance
    • Review plan (this web page)
  • Head to Lockers
    • Health Coach is first to enter and disinfects gate handle
    • Decide order in which people will approach dock
    • Approach dock 2 at a time
      • In the case of an odd group, one group can have three members
      • Maximum of 3 on the dock at a time
    • Using the boards as a measure, maintain distance
    • Put PFD on
      • Personal PFDs highly recommended
      • PFDs have been rested for more than 48 hours, and are available for use, should it be necessary to borrow one.
    • Bring your own hand sanitizer
  • Head to Water
    • Using the boards as a measure, maintain distance
    • Release boards from rack
    • Place boards in water
      • Once your board is launched, OK to remove mask and place in personal dry bag
      • Once both boards are launched, two more members can queue to approach the dock
    • Leash up
    • Secure dry bag, shoes, water bottle
    • Push off and wait for group away from dock
      • Keep the space near the dock clear for others to put-in
  • On the Water
    • Using the boards as a measure, initially group up away from the dock and maintain distance
    • Review the plan (route, return time)
    • As much as possible, paddle abreast at least 6 feet apart
    • Slower paddlers will naturally fall behind, in which case, five board lengths is the distance to follow
  • Return to dock
    • Debrief on water in lieu of meeting in parking lot
    • Decide order of return
    • Approach dock 2 at a time
    • De-board
    • Once on dock, put mask back on
    • Place board on rack and bungee and put away paddle
      • Once boards have been put away, 2 more paddlers may approach the dock
      • Wait until previous group has left the dock before de-boarding
    • Put away PFD in the 4th locker, if you have borrowed one, to rest for 48 hours or longer.
    • Exit the dock and go home. No meeting or gathering afterwards.
    • Health Coach disinfects gate handle after all others have exited.