Dragon boating is a centuries-old Chinese team sport, where a team of 20 paddlers, a steersperson, and a caller compete in fast-paced races.  The Club Crew World Championship (CCWC) is an international championship race for dragon boating.  It is a competition for members of dragon boating clubs, as distinguished from other competitions, which are for professional, national teams (think Olympics). The CCWC event is held bi-annually at locations around the globe — teams may earn a berth by winning at a regional qualifying competition.

Teams compete at several events in their home region or country, prior to competing in a qualifying race where top teams vie for a spot at this World Championship. It takes an enormous amount of work and dedication to be able to compete at this level against some of the worlds top teams.

In 2015, WAM earned a berth in the 2016 Club Crew World Championship in Adelaide, Australia. WAM competed in a wide variety of races, including 200-meter sprints, 500-meter races and 2,000-meter long-distance races that included tight turns where teams can edge out the competition. WAM honors Washington state with two firsts:
  • 1st Womens Team to represent Washington in this world dragon boat competition
  • 1st Masters Team with all paddlers 50-plus representing Washington

In 2017, WAM will compete at the regional qualifying race in San Diego, with a goal of earning a berth for the 2018 CCWC in Hungary.