Seattle SAKE Paddling Club stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the movement to center and elevate the voices of our Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities.

We strive for Club SAKE to be a place where we are comfortable and free to be ourselves. We embrace a culture of inclusiveness and diversity, but we recognize that we can do better. The Board of Directors is working to identify ways that we can be better citizens by reaching out to our neighbors in the community of which we are a part, which has historically been one of the most diverse in Seattle. We feel it is important that our efforts be authentic and meaningful, and we will engage the membership to this end. We know there is a breadth of experience within our ranks that can help us do our part to shift the culture towards community healing. We will seek out that experience and talent to inform our efforts as we stand with our neighbors against systemic racism.

As the country and the world wakes up to what has been suffered and concealed for centuries, we individually experience this reckoning in different ways. We invite you to join us in taking care of yourselves and your loved ones around you. Go deeper in your learning, and make a lifelong commitment to stay engaged and allied beyond this moment. Give grace and space to those who are experiencing and re-experiencing trauma and harm in this moment.

Resources for self-education and action are many, and have been well-covered in media. Here are some more local organizations we would like to introduce. We encourage you to share others with your teammates as you discover them, and to donate your time, skills, and funding to the organizations that make the most difference to your local communities.

Powerful Voices

Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas



Y-WE (Young Women Empowered)

Gathering Roots

Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle