Welcome to Seattle Club SAKE Dragon Boat Club

What is Dragon Boating?

According to Wikipedia, dragon boating is a sport originating in China over 2000 years ago and has a rich fabric of ceremony and legends ranging from a celebration of the summer rice planting, to triangular silk pouches filled with rice to feed the spirit of a popular minister of China who perished in the river.

While many people may not have heard of the sport, today dragon boating is one of the fastest growing sports around the world.  One that even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Kardashians have tried.  This is your chance to be introduced to a new culture, get some exercise and meet new people.

What is Club SAKE?

Seattle SAKE Dragon Boat Club is the largest dragon boat club in Washington.  It was founded after a few people had the opportunity to participate in a one day dragon boat festival in Seattle, and decided that one event was not enough!

In the early days, training and practices were done in canoes rented from the UW aquatic centre.  A few people then donated some money to buy a used dragon boat.  The club started as just a single team – “Team SAKE”.  As more people joined another team was created, “Too Much SAKE”.  Interested continued to grow to where we are today with seven teams and approximately 250 members, and paddlers ranging in age from mid-teens to people in their 70s.

Now, club teams participate regularly in races up and down the west coast of North America and some have also raced overseas.  Typically dragon boat races are sprints of 500m, with sometimes 250m heats or 2000m heats thrown in for variety.  There are some more fun endurance events as well such as the “Sausage Pull” from Mt Baker Beach on Lake Washington to Mercer Island, and the “New Year’s Challenge” from Gas Works Park on Lake Union  to Magnuson Park on Lake Washington.  Club SAKE dragon boat teams also participate in Opening Day for boating season.

In addition to paddlers, dragon boating also requires a steersperson and a caller/drummer, so there’s more than one way to be part of a dragon boat team.

The Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit and has an executive board comprised of club members.